Ode to King Neptune

3:22 PM

A little bubbly, good friends, and a pair of dolphins. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect send off.  After a month at a marina, spending time making repairs on the boat, we set off to live on the hook (at anchor) for a month before heading back home to good ole Mississippi. We had checked almost everything off our to do list, with not much time to spare.  The last thing to check off was putting the new name on the boat, and we couldn't leave the marina until the new name was on, since we had taken the old name off, and the Coast Guard wouldn't be pleased with an unnamed vessel traveling around. So we woke early to apply the letters, hoping there would be no hiccups. Once we had the letters on, we covered the new name until we had our denaming ceremony, Christening, and renaming ceremony. All steeped deep in tradition, we asked King Neptune to purge the old name of the boat from his ledger and ask his blessings on our newly named vessel, Vesper. Once we popped the champagne and shared some bubbly with Neptune, we prepared to toss the lines and see what adventures lay ahead. Our new friends from Sailing Uma, Dan and Kika, were there to give us a grand farewell, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Just as we were about to leave, two dolphins came right to the stern of the boat and then headed out to the channel, as if to say "Come on, we'll lead the way." (Sounds too good to be true, but I promise I'm not making that up :)

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  1. Boat looks great! Glad to see Cotton was enjoying the fun, too. Love the new 'home port', and interesting to hear of Emily's first sail on the sea.

  2. Congratulations! Cool home port!


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