Fort Lauderdale

9:36 PM

Oh Sunshine!!! We made it to Fort Lauderdale! We felt like we were in a little of a pickle when we needed to leave our anchorage in North Palm Beach because it didn't provide protection from upcoming strong winds. It was the weekend, and with our previous experience in Fort Lauderdale, we were very concerned we may get there and find all the anchorages were full! So we left at day break, expecting with the bridges it would take about 4 hours.  Thankfully we timed every bridge perfectly and it only took 2.5 hours. And while passing through the last bridge we saw a beloved mooring ball was available!  Oh the weight that took off our shoulders!!  Fort Lauderdale is likely the busiest boating city in the world.  And in the city, there are a total of 9 mooring balls, available first come, first serve.  So while we knew they were there, we thought it unlikely we would get one.  So not only did we have a spot to park in FLL, it was on a secure mooring ball, so with the strong winds approaching, we have less to worry about. Talk about a win win!

Once we settled in, we dinghied over to the marina office and went for a walk.  To our delight, we happened to walk to the beach and a great restaurant.  And since it was our warmest day of the trip, we broke out the swimsuits and spent a day in the sun!

 This is the mooring field in the middle of Fort Lauderdale.
 There are some fancy boats in FLL!  We try to stay far away from them.  One boat had a garage with a ski boat and four jet skies in it.  One, named Skyfall, had a helicopter.

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