FLL to Miami to Elliott Key

3:00 PM

Imagine seeing this big cargo ship on your morning commute!! We left Fort Lauderdale, headed to the Atlantic to sail on the "outside" rather than motoring the ICW. We had to take the outside because our mast was too tall to go under one fixed bridge. It was a little rough, but not too bad.  This was our first sail on our own. Getting in and out of the ports at Fort Lauderdale and Miami was a bit stressful, but we made it through just fine and the actual sailing was great.  We anchored for the night just behind South Beach, and apparently in front of Jennifer Lopez' house (according to the tour boat that passed by.)
As we were sailing, we saw on the horizon a whole bunch of things sticking in the air. Looking on a Marine Traffic App, we saw it was a bunch of sailboats.  Really neat to discover it was the start of the Miami to Havana Race, 46 boats headed to Cuba.
Hello South Beach! 
 Leaving Miami we passed by the Strictly Sail Boat show.  Might have been fun to go, but we decided we'd rather be out sailing than listening to people talk about sailing.  I'm sure we would have learned a lot, but oh well.
Good Bye Miami!  Hello Florida Keys!

Love my little captain!
Welcome to the Keys! Wait - why is it soooooo cold??
 Stephen trimming the sails while sailing in Biscayne Bay after we left Miami.  We had great wind, no rollers from the ocean, beautiful water and probably the best sail of our lives! And with wind gusts up to 20 knots we got to see how well our boat handled and loved it. It was perfect, except the temp.

Our sail was complete with an incredible sunset after we anchored near Elliott Key.

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  1. Great adventure, captured masterfully as only a pro photographer could do. Congrats. Be safe.


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