Elliott Key part 1

3:08 PM

Of all it took, from dreaming for ten years, to sailing on lakes, to the long long search for the right boat, to fixing the boat, to learning how to handle the big boat, and everything in between, it was all worth it for this day, as to me, it was perfect.  We left Miami and sailed Biscayne Bay and anchored just off Elliott Key.  The next morning the sun came out and we played all day.  Starting with a dinghy ride to the uninhabited island to explore, Emily having a blast playing on the beach, to kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding, and snorkeling.  We finally had our day in the sun! Hopefully there will be more days like this.

Trying without luck to open a coconut!

Emily collected coconuts, bowled coconuts, kicked coconuts, and tried dodge coconut until I vetoed!

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