going to market

1:54 PM

This pic is the grocery store "parking lot!" An exciting part of this journey is experiencing life differently than at home.  A big difference came once we left Fort Pierce and didn't have a car anymore.  We either dinghy to a dock and walk, or on occasion get an Uber ride anywhere we need to go.  These pics are from our commute to a Publix from our anchorage in Miami. The "parking lot," was so crowded when Stephen dropped me off I had to crawl over other dinghies and climb up to the dock without a ladder. Then I could only buy what I could carry back to the dinghy. Luckily this Publix wasn't too far from the dinghy dock. Yesterday Stephen walked about a mile-and-a-half one way to a boat store to buy a navigational light for our dinghy. But that is part of the beauty, we have time, and are taking time to do things in a different way, slowing down the pace of life a little, in my book that's a good thing.

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