The world beneath us

3:21 PM

To look down on the underwater world and see the abundance of life, swimming along in harmony without a thought of us above, gives us an interesting perspective. When we are sailing along above the water, we aren’t just sailing along the water, but we are sailing above a whole world beneath us, that now we are lucky enough to have seen.

We tied up to a mooring ball in pretty rough waters and geared up for snorkeling Looe Key (which does not have any land above the water), about five miles south of Big Pine Key. This was a truly amazing spot. Some of the areas were rather deep for snorkeling, maybe 10-25 feet. But it was such a unique viewpoint that it was more captivating than many of the shallower reefs we’ve snorkeled, and we saw more and bigger fish than at most places we’ve been. Along the way, Emily would pop up and identify the fish for us. She’s been captivated by and studying fish for years. No better science curriculum than getting to identify types of fish in their own environment. Sadly, we also received lessons of the environmental impact we humans pass on to the natural world. While we have snorkeled many beautiful live reefs in the keys, we have also seen so many dead or bleached reefs, and it is heartbreaking.

Don’t be fooled, I was terrified the whole time!! I’m a mess in the water, and I can’t help but have the "Jaws" mindset. But, even with the fear, there are some things worth doing, and this will always be a favorite.

And I apologize, I am a terrible underwater photographer so no pics of the reef or fish worth sharing!! As I've said before, I am too focused on staying alive to take good pics :)

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