The people you meet

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The cruising dream is far from just uninhabited islands, reefs to snorkel, and warm sunshine. The cruising dream is also about the people you meet. Here in our little picture perfect anchorage in Dry Tortuga, we are joined by another 4-5 sailboats. One, a cruising couple from Norway that has sailed 11,000 miles in a year and a half. Oh the world they have seen! Spain and Africa, Guatemala was a favorite, and with a weather window they are on their way to Cuba. Cuba, just 90 miles to our south. If we had the papers, we could be there in less time than it took us to sail from Tampa Bay to Dry Tortuga!! And then there is Adventure Man Dan. A 27 year-old that has traveled the world. From Alaska to Africa to Dubai, Australia and many points in between. He holds several world records in spear fishing, and three months ago bought a boat to circumnavigate and chase bigger and better fish to spear. Along the way he brings along crew members, adventurous souls ready to put in some elbow grease in trade for the experience. Current crew members are David, a cross country tour guide from Kansas City, and Graham, an Outward Bound counselor that grew up racing sailboats and working on big schooners on the east coast. We trade breakfast on their boat for happy hour on ours. We sit, we dine, we swap stories and share experiences.This, this is a big part of the dream, and we are truly loving it. With Adventure Man Dan, we make plans to set sail together come morning. Next stop, The Marquesas Keys, another uninhabited chain of islands, with coral reefs and great snorkeling. I have big hopes in my next writings to share of the lobsters we get to feast on after Dan takes us spearfishing.

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