Lobster Lobster

3:28 PM

The hustle and bustle of the city life in Key West was not for us. With water tanks, pantry and fridge full, we set sail again. Making our way, we spot a tiny little island, ok, I guess it was a sand bar. Anyway, it’s just sitting out there in the middle of the ocean. We make a spontaneous decision to go and anchor for lunch and then explore our little island above and below the water line. Well worth the stop, for Stephen caught two lobsters we would later grill for dinner. Thanks honey!! They were delicious.

We anchored near Big Pine Key, preparing for a front that would pass through in a few days time. The Keys are very shallow, and so well protected anchorages for a sailboat with a 5 ft draft are hard to come by. So while there wasn’t anything extra special about this Key, and it wasn’t a perfect anchorage, it was the best around and so we’d have to hang tight until the front passes.

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