You can sail there?

6:33 PM

The dream... to live on a boat and explore the world. It may be slow, it may be hot, but this little boat can take us anywhere we want to go. A bucket list check, we’ve sailed to our nation’s capital. 39 days ago and a thousand miles or so we left Stuart, Fl. Emily wanted to sail to DC instead of the Bahamas, and so we sailed to DC, meeting amazing people and seeing beautiful places along the way. We are moored in the heart of the city, just around from the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument in our back yard. We can explore all day and come home to our own beds at night. I do have a feeling I’ll need a secluded anchorage at the end of the week! The bucket list only grows. Perhaps one day we’ll sail to New York Harbor, and we can’t wait to get to the Bahamas, and who knows where the wind will take us after that.

How a white fluffy dog does DC! I’m not really a crazy dog lady, but he doesn’t like being left alone on the boat, so he gets to ride along in a backpack.

Farewell DC. On to new adventures! 

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