Flotilla of friends

6:33 PM

Community. It is what keeps you from being alone on this big blue marble. The cruising community is unique, almost beyond comprehension. We have spent the last five days with a group of random strangers that became fast and forever friends. We’ve transited the swamp, cruised to new anchorages, wined and dined, swapped stories, dreams, experiences, advice, and have taken turns working on each other’s boats.
We are the old people in the group. There’s a family of four just getting a taste of cruising life. Then a 22 year old couple that has more life experience than any of us, setting sail a few months ago with dreams of exploring new cultures. And a 20 year old single handed guy that didn’t know how to sail, but bought a boat and is headed to Nova Scotia, ready to conquer the world. After five inseparable days, this morning we each raised anchor, pointing our bow in different directions, but I have a funny feeling we will meet again. The amazing thing is, this is not unique within the cruising world. Time and time again we have met people, even for a fleeting moment, that keep in touch, share advice, look out for us, only to cross paths again at a new anchorage. To our flotilla of buddy boats, you will always be a part of us, fair winds.

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