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The end of our journey was quite emotional. We had just lived a dream of sailing, crossed the Gulf of Mexico, and were heading back to live like land lubbers, aka, going back to the real world. Near the end of the crossing, I had been down below for a bit, and when I emerged from the cabin, the beautiful ocean water we had grown to love was dirt brown. Oh it was such a disappointment to come home to. So much so that I posted very few pics from that point on because it was so terrible.  Fast forward a few months. We took the boat for a weekend trip, and I couldn't believe the water was blue!! Or mostly. It wasn't clear, but it wasn't brown. We found the most amazing anchorage, probably our favorite of all the places we have been. And it is in our own back yard! 360 degree protection for the boat, beautiful water, an amazing white sand beach! And so, the Alabama coast has been redeemed. I am very happy and thankful to have the boat closer to home and to have beautiful sailing waters.
Em and I see who can lean over the farthest when we are heeled over.

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