The Journey's End

1:47 PM

Emily blowing a conch shell to signal the sun setting, the end of the day, and on this, her last day, a symbol of the end to our journey.  A journey that started with a dream so many years before.  A journey that taught us so much about sailing, about people, about the world, about God about ourselves.  A journey that showed us a dozen colors of ocean blue and a sky with more stars than I've ever imagined.  A journey of a little boat in a big ocean that made the entire world feel within reach. A journey I am proud/blessed/thankful to have taken.  
So what’s next? Well, we have just accomplished an incredibly major goal/dream that was ten years in the making.  I think that may be enough for now. Are there more dreams? Will we sail another big adventure? Will we move on to something different? I think it will take time for new dreams to form. Whether they will be be by sea or land, far away or in our own back yard is yet to be seen. 

Thanks for following along on our little adventure. I can only hope it inspires you to follow your dreams.


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