The Blue Angels

10:55 AM

One of our favorite sailing weekend trips is to anchor in Fort Mcree, along with dozens and dozens, maybe a hundred or more boats. The anchorage is directly south of the Blue Angels runway, where they perform their hometown air show. They practice a few days before two days of official performances, so the Blue Angels are literally flying directly over our mast for four days. Every flyover is a rush with the roar of their engines. For the 2017 show we had good friends join us, making it even more fun and special. Hearing the familiar chime of an ice cream truck excited us all as we realized there was an ice cream boat! Who knew? And when the show is over it is an absolute circus with boats pulling the anchor and navigating their way through the menagerie of vessels. We've witnessed more than a few mishaps and we are on high alert hoping to make it out alive (or without being hit by another boat.) Warm sunny days in mid-November, the Blue Angels overhead, good friends, and a sailboat, what more could you want?  Photos from the 2016 and 2017 air shows.

 Our good friends, the Fortners, along with our new sailing friends, the Burns.

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