Dolphins and Rainbows

10:00 AM

 I think the one thing I was most looking forward to was seeing dolphins swim along at our bow as we sailed through the open ocean. I had no idea we would see them on our first day out.  This experience was even more amazing than I dreamed. Truly amazing, playful, curious creatures. They are much bigger than I expected.  We had dolphins join us four times on our sail. In the pictures above, the crystal clear blue water is when we were further from shore, and the darker green closer in.  We couldn't believe the color of the water. And to top it all off, now that we are settled into our marina for a bit, dolphins come and play behind our boat.  Doesn't get old!

I hope you can see the rainbow off the bow! Sailed right towards it for a while.  As if sea turtles, sunrises and sunsets, and dolphins weren't enough, God blessed us with this!

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